Red Bike Adventures

Our Purpose

Red Bike Adventures is a community non-for-profit based in the Fraser Coast. Our purpose is to raise necessary funds and resources to support mental health awareness campaigns and mental health initiatives, programmes, and education. Red Bike Adventures strives to connect the disconnected with counselling, education, support programs. We are advocates for mental health, and we cordially ask you to join us in fulfilling our purpose.

Our Values

  • Humility
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Fun
  • Positivity
  • Community focused.

So Far

Since 2021 we have raised over $39,000 which has gone directly to providing funded counselling sessions to our community and public mental health awareness programs.

Dear Red Bike Committee Members

This letter is to express my deepest appreciation to you all for the dedication, hard work and commitment to funding this very needed service you give.

I have been in counselling with Mike since the beginning of the year.
I was in a dark place in my life made even darker by the cost and availability of help.
There are many people like me who are in need of assistance and can't afford to wait for help and your donations have allowed urgent cases to be seen without prejudice of financial circumstance.

Each session with Mike bought a new dimension to how I was living my life and how I could improve it.
Putting into perspective issues I had with the past, dealing with them in the present and forging into the future with greater success.

A short time ago I found every hurdle in my life was a Mount Everest now I am dealing more realistically with each event.
Once again a very heartfelt thank you as you have made a sizable real difference in my life that I could not have achieved without your selfless funding.

Thank you so much

AnonAugust 2022

To the Red Bike committee and Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre

Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to the people in this community, and it fills an important gap.

I would like to take this opportunity to communicate a few things about June.
The links between Red Bike and the Neighbourhood Centre a brilliant from my point of view. From a counselling perspective, the Neighbourhood Centre has a network of people who help people find support. The Neighbourhood Centre provides a contact point for many people in this area.

In June there were a total of 37 appointments and there are two cases I would like to tell you about a little more.

The police were involved in a case involving sexual abuse and talked with the Neighbourhood Centre staff about the inability of the family to access counselling support. Through the generosity of Red Bike, they were able to link this family to counselling until other services become available later in June.

Another staff member in the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre has been working with a family where there is a history of abuse and the services in Hervey Bay disengaged from the family (this has happened over years). They have felt alone and unable to find support.
The Neighbourhood Centre has supported this family and has now linked them to counselling thanks to Red Bike. This family is in a difficult situation and the circumstances and history are now impacting all five members of the family. They have tried to access government support but have not found the assistance they needed. In this situation, there are likely to be more appointments over a longer period of time because trust with support agencies and individuals has been damaged.

On behalf of the two families above, I would like to pass on thanks and appreciation.

Kind Regards

Michael Radic from Fraser Coast Counselling and Life Coaching.June 2022