How it Started

Red Bike Adventures Inc. started as social non-for-profit club whose plan was to raise awareness and funding for various local community groups in need through raffles, rides and organising social events. Red Bike was founded in 2020 by a group of mates who, through the COVID-19 pandemic, decided to finally set their fifteen-year plan, to ride a postie bike across K’Gari (Fraser Island) into motion.

Within our community at this time many were suffering; suicide was becoming an increasing issue, with 14 suicides in just 15 weeks of young adults and children between the ages of 12-21. With the rise of mental health issues in Hervey Bay, Red Bike Adventures saw an opportunity to use the events to help raise money for local charities, to raise awareness and support mental health programs locally. Red Bike Adventures partnered with the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre & Livin, in hopes of helping to stop these statistics from rising.

With the overwhelming support from our members, volunteers, sponsors and our community, we have since donated over $54,000 to counselling sessions, suicide prevention programs and students studying toward thier mental health careers!